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Yesterday's comforts have become to-day's necessity but an exobitant cost.It is a fact that climatic conditionscompel us to use Air Conditioners & Water Coolers in our day to day life,moreover the globalisation of industries has also provided comfort in our domestic as well as professional life but never the less almost all the gadgets have prime relation with electricity. The Electrical Energy plays very vital role in our life but the limited resources of Electricity not only make it costly but also demand to utilize the available resources in an efficient way by redefining the comfort.

We at Vitec definitely share your concern and proud to be associated with you in your drive for enegy saving. Vitec is devoted in developing sophisticated user friendly systems maximizing comfort levels and energy saving along with protection of expensive equipment.These power savers protect the equipment from under voltage/over voltage and voltage and voltage spikes ensuring smooth operation.The systems optimize comfort related power saving due to intelligent switching operation of equipment.

Vitec observes stringent quality controls to render each item almost maintenance free.Vitec presents a vide range of innovative products,offering protection,convenience and Economy,Which are not only result of devoted research but have also revolutionalised all the methods in use at present with a cutting edge of cost effective solution of optimum utilization of Energy.


Ugain Series

Ugain III,Ugain VII and Xpert are maintenance free systems and are designed to take care attended and unattended air conditioners,water coolers etc.These are best suited for corporate level applications

Ugain III

Besides all the vital protection like over voltage/under voltage,spikes.surges,over loading short circuit etc., these models offer flexibility of interactive programming from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes

Ugain VII

Additional -feature of real time clock(RTC)provides extra benefit of auto switching


It has special provision of PIR sensor to trace the human presence within the cabin and switch on/off air conditioner/loghting accordingly.It starts on its own once the,PIR Sensor senses the human presence within the cabin for more than three minutes.If your cabin is vacant for ten minutes,the PIR Sensor automatically switches off the appliance

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