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With the merger of various multinationals brand leaders like Kent ? Taylor, Bailey, Hartmann & Braun, Sensycon, Fisher & Porter etc.with ABB, the later has become the unmatched leader in the field of process instrumentation to provide the total solution to the complex process problems.

ABB has the complete range of differential / absolute pressure and temperature transmitters, Electro magnetic & mass flow meters, Wedge flow meters, analytical instruments, actuators and positioners,Process Controllers, chartless and chart recorders, complete control solution for regulatory control(ICN) and pneumatic instruments including Tran scope pneumatic transmitter and indicator, pneumatic circular chart recorder, air supply filter regulator etc.


Pressure Measurement
2600T Series Smart Transmitters
Differential/Gauge/Vacuum/Multivariable/Remote Seal Transmitters
Fixed Range Gauge/Absolute Transmitters
Temperature Measurement
Smart Temperature Transmitter
Pneumatic Indicating Transmitter
Actuator & Positioner
TEIP I/P Converter
Electro-Pneumatic Converter
Angle/Position Transmitter
Flow Measurement
Electromagnetic Flow meters
Thermal Gas Mass Flow meters
Coriolis Mass Flow meters
Vortex and SWIRL Flow meters
Variable Area Flow meters
Wedge Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Level & Flow Measurement
Water & Liquid Analysers
Steam & Water Analysis Systems
PH Analysers & Sensors
Conductivity Analysers & Sensors
Dissolved Oxygen Analysers
Gas Analyser
Turdidity Analyser
Controllers,Recorders & Indicators
Controllers DIN Size
Controllers 3X6 Form
Strip Chart Recorders
Circular Chart Recorders
SM1000/SM2000/SM3000 Paperless Recorders
Pneumatic Series


We also have Complete range of PLC Systems, DCS Systems, SCADA Systems etc where we undertake supply as well as commissioning jobs as a project.

Our control systems and products portfolio ranges from Programmable Logic Controllers( PLC ), small to large Distributed Control Systems ( DCS ), and TÜV certified Safety Instrumented Systems ( SIS ), to Collaborative Process Automation Systems ( CPAS ) for an extended automation scope, as well as a wide range of control products that can be used individually or in combination. We offer you a complete set of Industrial IT automation solutions to meet your entire plant automation needs.

Model-AC 800M
Model-Advant Controller 31
Extended Automation System 800Xa
Freelance 800F
Compact products 800
Safety Systems
Industrial IT System 800xA
Freelance 800F-The Compact Solution


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