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Company Profile

The portfolio of Filtronics businesses may broadly be classified as under :

A) Process Instrumentation

With the merger of various multinationals brand leaders like Kent-taylor,Bailey,Hartmann & Braun,Sensycon,Fischer & Porter etc.with ABB,the later has become the unmatched leader in the field of process instrumentation to provide the total solution to the complex process problems.

We have the complete range of differential/absolute pressure and temperature transmitters,Electro magnetic & mass flow meters,wedge flow meters,analytical instruments,actuators and positioners,Process controllers,chartless and chart recorders,complete control solution for regulatory control(ICN) and Pneumatic instruments including Transcope pneumatic transmitter and indicator,pneumatic circular chart recorder,air supply filter regulator etc.

We also have complete range of PLC Systems,DCS Systems,Scada systems etc where we undertake supply as well as comissioning jobs as a project.
B) Controls & Automation Products
The importance of Variable Frequency Drives for speed control as well as energy saving cannot be ignored in today's automation era.We are closely associated with M/s.Larsen & Torbo Ltd for the complete range of Yaskawa Drives which nevertheless enjoys the maximum market share globallt.Having originated from Japan Yaskawa Drives have spread all over the world and very well accepted because of their being not only robust but also superior features,use friendly operations,easy availability,reliability,dependabilitry,supported by excellent after sales & services.
We have complete range of L & T AC Drives(LT & HT),DC Drives & Servo drives,Soft starters etc..
C ) Time Engineering

In the field of Time Engineering,in finding the most suitable we use all the knowledge and experience available,including the expertise,experience and world class products of our principals M/s .Electronic Automation Pvt Ltd.,an ISO-9001 Organisation having privilege of even competitors like L & T & Siemens also using its products.

Controlling natural phenomenon like time,temperature & speed is a passion at EAPL resulting into more than 80 different products covering Electronic Timers,Temperature Controllers,Tachometers,Time Switches and Counters.

At Filtronics we offer the complete range of EAPL products i.e sequential timers,cyclic timers,ON Delay/OFF Delay timers,star delta timers,time switch,counters,tachometers etc.We also offer complete range of analog/digital temperature indicators,controllers,PI & PID Controllers and Temperature Calibrator of M/s.Electronic Automation Pvt.Ltd.

D ) Sensing Technology

Continuously increasing demands with regard to precision and productivity,combined with cost reduction due to automation make the use of encoders indispensable in numerous industrial sectors.

We have complete range of Hengstler,Germany encoders which includes incremental/Absolute,hollow shaft sine wave encoders etc.Hengstler's over all products range also provides complete solution in counting systems.They offer from miniature counters to sophisticated programmable, multifunction, positioning, speed,time counters etc.

The importance of sensors can not be ignored automation.They are in ideal replacement of conventional limit switches.Inductive proximity sensors being contact less sensors can be used for position sensing,speed measurement,counting etc.They can be used in extreme conditions such as oily,dusty,corrosive environment.There applications ranges from automobile industries to steel industries,from CNC/NC machines to material handling equipments,process automations,conveyor systems,packaging machines etc.We have a complete range of inductive proximity sensors,infra red sensors,photo electric sensors,capacitive sensors etc from M/s.Proximon Controls Pvt.Ltd

E) Filtration Systems

Filtronics has access to an international standard of filtration technology,through its association with Millipore(I)Ltd.A subsidary of Millipore Corporation Bedfor,USA an acknowledged world leader in membrane technology It is fact that our esteemed customers can pave the way for global competition by matching the quality of their products to any international standards with the use of world class cartridge filters & filtration systems of Millipore and our in house expertise & strength.

It is a fact that with the advent of high performance and high reliability products in engineering industry ther is an ever increasing need for lubricating products that do not fail or cause failure during operation.Also equipment efficiency and operator's safety are very important considerations in any application and failure could be disastrous.Hence it is quite obvious that "the contamination has to controlled to the minimum.We are pleased to pffer various imported testing kits right frm patch test kit to particulate contamination kits for relative applications.

F) Metering Equipments
With the growing concern for Energy conservation,GEB have formed the strict regultions in terms of metering procedures.Moreover,customers have also realized the need for the optimum utilization of Electricity.

Elser Metering Pvt.Ltd,originally a division of ABB Ltd has an excellent product which not only provides but helps in analysing and distributing the loads accordingly.The products have been approved by GEB and have a rich installed base.We have been appointed by Elster as their authorized distributor for Gujarat,which nevertheless have enriched our product portfolio where apart from tri vector meter,watt hour meter,the complete range of transducers & signal isolators etc are also available to take care the diverse needs of the customers.

G ) Energy Saving Systems
It is indeed a pleasure to present the complete range of state of the art products of Vitec Innovations a most innovative company in the field of users friendly systems.Yesterday's comfort have become today's necessities but at an exorbitant cost.Hence saving of hard earned money without scarifying comfort or protection is everybody's prioriy.

Vitec definitely shares National concern.Vitec is devoted in developing sophisticated user friendly systems maximising comfort levels and energy saving along with protection of expensive equipment.Vitec observes stringent quality controls to render each item almost maintenance free.Vitec presents a range of innovative products Ugain-III,Ugain-VII & Xpert etc.Based on latest Micro-Controller technology and sophisticated intelligent software,these products offers the protection,convenience and Economy.

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